Faced with the dramatic consequences of pollution on human health, and after several years of research and development, APR has developed a cutting edge technology to tackle the issue that millions of urban citizens suffer from APR

Get real time information about soot particles you have in your city, your office and your body.


APR technology allows you to understand what you are breathing and the impact of soot particles on your health.


Adapt your lifestyle to reduce your exposure to soot particles.

How APR works

APR solution is composed of a scanner that can be installed in any public or private place and a nomadic tool, connected to a mobile app, that collects all soot particles data. We address hospitals, airports but also individuals who want to become actors of their own health

Meet the fonder, Julie Broek

Founded by Julie in 2015, the APR team has grown to over 35 with offices in Brussels and Paris.

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